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Hunting. Ali KARTAL He is interested in controversial and non-contentious litigation subjects in the fields of aviation, maritime, finance and insurance in Kartal Law Office that he established in Istanbul in 2016. With professional consultancy, she continues her task of representing clients successfully.

Aviation lawyers have a long-term experience in the field of expertise, where less than qualified lawyers. Hunting. Ali KARTAL comes from a family of lawyers who served in the aviation sector since the 1960s. Ever since he was a child, he has been passionately committed to this sector, constantly improving himself and having a commercial pilot license. The pilot attorney, a member of the Royal Aviation Association, is a court-approved expert on all matters relating to civil aviation.

Aviation solicitor Turkey is the name that comes to mind when it comes to solutions, consultancy and technical guidance. If you are looking for aviation lawyers Turkey for solving corporate or personal problems, consultations and insurance transactions in the sector, Kartal Law Firm offers you full support in every matter.

Airplane travel has risks that may cause serious problems on many elements, including passengers, personnel, the airport and the aircraft itself. The lawmakers of the state are prepared and implemented by law to take measures against these risks and to locate the rights of the parties in negative results. Lawyers who advise on a wide range of issues ranging from baggage loss to airplane crash, financial crisis to local business problems, represent you in confused situations such as compensation or contract violations, preventing you from wasting time and being victimized.

The maritime route is widely used in international trade due to its high load and safety. Law on maritime law and maritime law, laws in the use of the oceans, offenses committed in the sea, how to solve the problems related to the ship or personnel laws.

Kartal Law Firm provides consultancy and representation services in both marine and air law.

Services Overview

Kartal Law Office provides services in all kinds of maritime and aviation sectors, maritime insurance, aviation insurance, financial insurance, aircraft finance, aviation trade and all related matters.

Aviation Law Services

• In cases involving pledge or property rights on your aircraft or other aircraft,

• In cases related to compensation arising from the contract of carriage in cases related to air labor law,

• Violations of air liability law or criminal proceedings

• In cases arising from unfair competition,

• In insurance cases arising from accidents,

• In cases of airplane abduction and violation of responsibility,

• You can receive legal services in cases of various damages to third parties.

• To regulate and supervise air transport services in accordance with international conventions and Turkish aviation regulations,

• In defense industry law and military aviation consulting,

• In aviation ground – air safety and criminal proceedings,

• In the recognition and control of airport sovereignty rights,

• In the acquisition and protection of airship ownership and pledge rights, and in the supervision of the operator in terms of insurance and responsibility,

• In the regulation and supervision of contracts relating to the carriage of passengers or goods in air transportation,

• To advise companies on international and national law and commercial matters in order to inform about legal and criminal sanctions in accidents,

• In the control and implementation of malpractice and medical liability,

• In the assessment of the rights of air and ground personnel in the scope of air labor law,

• To regulate and audit the issues of competition and cooperation,

• Inspection and regulation of international legislation for security on the ground and in flight;

• In compliance with the design law in the production of aircraft or parts, in the contract regulation and control, in the provision of aircraft in offset contracts,

• Audit and representation of legal relations with all international aviation institutions,

• Legal advice on the employment of foreign national air and ground staff;

• In the supervision of ground handling services, consultancy services are provided under the control and regulation of the documents such as ticket – coupon – freight bill.


• Legal advice and support in accidents, incidents and other problems;

• Represents landowners and tenants in the financing and purchase of aircraft,

• Assistance in creating records of aircraft records, accessing records, mortgages, rents and so on,

• Review, advice and guidance in all aviation industry contracts,

• Operation base for the establishment of local businesses, information on the establishment of AOCs,

• You can get detailed information about the preparation and execution of the rental contracts according to the regulations.

Marine Law will transition from

Kartal Law Firm, which also provides services in maritime affairs, represents and advises clients in maritime law cases and appeals processes.

• In cases involving criminal law in the sea,

• Receivable in trade receivables,

• Registration in the register of the ship – leaving the register – in mortgage transactions,

• To take the ship hostage or to release the cargo, to take the pledge of the cargo and to monitor the rights related to the load,

• In the case of insurance compensation transactions, in case of loss and damage of the damaged cargo, the determination of these claims is provided by the attorney.

• In the regulation and translation of national and international agreements,

• In legal legislation on assistance or rescue,

• Following the responsibilities and contracts of the captain and other personnel,

• Under the supervision of port and customs problems and entrances,

• You can apply for consultancy services on all kinds of issues such as common price agreements, freight contracts, bill of lading, loading and unloading.

About Insurance and Reinsurance Law

• Manage requests,

• Evaluation of claims made under insurance / reinsurance policies,

• Defending the insured / reinsurance against insurance claims,

• Compensation claims against a responsible business or insurers,

• Legal advice, review and review procedures,

• Works on the design and preparation of contracts and coordination of compensation procedures.

Counseling in Banking and Finance Law

Loan agreements, preparation of drafts of financial and operational leasing agreements, negotiations and practices,

Preparing, discussing and executing the mortgage, company and personal guarantee and security documents,

Registration of mortgages, leases, IDERAs and other security interests and their implementation in aircraft, ships and real estate,

Distressed loans and recommendations within the legal framework for tenant tenants,

She advises clients on initiating and maintaining debt collection processes, and retrieving aircraft and ships.

Counseling and Representation in Controversial Decisions

• Representing the plaintiff or defendant in any case in Turkey

• collecting outstanding debts from individuals or organizations in Turkey,

• Aircraft, yacht, ship, real estate mortgage

• Consultancy and representation is carried out for the withdrawal of confiscated aircraft, yachts and ships.

Other services

which represents the will of acquired or inherited property in Turkey and manipulate, real estate purchase – help hire and sale of property, Eagle Law Firm works with great effort to represent you in any legal disputes arising from this action.

Quality Approach and Ethical Value

Kartal Law Office provides guidance on what you can do if you are not satisfied with the service you receive.

According to the complaint procedure, you first forward the distress to the law firm. The timeout of your complaint is normally 1 year. You are expecting the problem to be resolved within the eight-week legal period. If the problem still persists, you will notify the Legal Ombudsman operating since 2010 within six months. Legal ombudsman will help you as soon as possible because they are responsible for evaluating all kinds of complaints about law and offering solutions.

Av.Ali KARTAL, with its law firm Kartal Law Firm that has been gathered for many years with its knowledge, expertise and experience, proves that it provides corporate and professional solutions to your reliable consultancy and representation works. The company, which adds strength to its customers with the references and outstanding cases that it can be seen from the web page, gives first-class service to its clients by closely following the evolving and changing legal regulations.

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